Preface of an Unemployed Traveller

Preface of an Unemployed Traveller

10th April 2017

Everyone is either born and brought up in the same city or in multiple cities. But this wasn’t the case for me. Raised in a family of travellers, I was always living in multiple reality levels of my own. Dreams for me were never just dreams. As a lucid dreamer they were an outlet of living and experiencing all the fantasies and possibilities that this restless head of mine could dream of.  I remember when in third grade my teacher asked me what my father did for a living and I had no clue so I lied that he had a “Cloth Store”. Later when I went back home to ask him what he does for a living, he replied saying,” Tell them your father gets paid to eat good food and travel in luxury!” And I remember thinking that it was the coolest job ever!

My childhood was filled with road trips with my father, Rajasthan to Goa, Rajasthan to Manali, Rajasthan to Kanha among others. He would sit with me and plan all our road trips that spanned over spending days just on the road, figuring out the state of a car from its number plate during the day and falling asleep listening to the horns of the trucks and buses on the highway at night time. It was then that I realised that travelling is about the journey and never the destination. And maybe that’s what sparked my irresistible urge for travel. I have been often told by people that I look like him. That I have big eyes just like him. But that’s not the only thing we have in common. He passed on his love for food, travel, storytelling and history to me.

I am soon about to start a new phase in my life. I finish my Masters in May but instead of sitting for placements and getting a job like everyone else, I plan to travel around, focus on my writing, share my stories while also inspiring people to dream, to be free spirited, to do what they want to do and not be afraid of discovering & following their passions in life. In short I am a philosophy student turned into a free spirited dreamer and storyteller who finds solace in travelling (solo), writing poetry and photography.

The above is an excerpt of an email I wrote to my favorite Indian Travel Writer hoping he would read it & write back inviting me to come learn/intern with him. He never replied.

3rd May 2017

Hello, I’m Nidhi and if you are reading this then first of all I just want to say thank you for accepting my message request. Secondly I’m writing this to you because I saw your post for the writing intern on Facebook for which I did apply but never heard back from you.

I want you to know that I love the way you look at things around you and then go ahead and share it with the world. All your pictures and writings are hopeful of a better and brighter tomorrow. I know you must be getting a lot of messages like mine. And I don’t know how to express what I’m trying to convey to you right now or why I’m writing this message at 2 AM despite of having a splitting headache. I just want to be free and never restrict myself. Even though the chances of you reading this message might be less I am still going to pour out my thoughts because I don’t want to restrict myself from sharing what I strongly feel.

I’m graduating in a month and I have decided not to sit for placements. Everyday people ask me so what next? What job are you taking up? And I tell them I don’t want a job. I want time, To think, To breath, To live and To get to know myself a little better. Because its been 22 years and yet I’m no where near finding out WHO I AM. I know I’m being hard on myself because I’m trying to find the answer for one of the most difficult question ever to be asked in the history of philosophy & mankind. But again, why should that restrict me from asking this question to myself or stop me from looking around for an answer to it.

My parents have been supportive but they are scared that I dream way too much. That I need to live in reality. Because we all know that in our society chasing after our dreams is only acceptable when the dream is about getting a career or a job that pays well and takes care of your settlements. Which seems kind of silly.

I am a storyteller and I believe my purpose in life is to share my stories with this world. That way I don’t have to worry about leaving this world one day without leaving my mark. Because I through my stories, my pictures, my poems, my thoughts will make others live a little, I will make them think and dream a little and I believe that’s the best thing that we as humans can do with the little time we have on this earth. I want to be a travel writer kyuṅki mujhe apna alag nazariya iss duniya ko dikhana hai…

From June onwards I will be travelling to few remote locations in Uttarakhand. After this I will be going to Ladakh and figuring out few things in my life. For instance, how to be a travel writer!

The above is an excerpt from an Instagram message I wrote to him after one month of writing the previous email.

9th February 2018

So after 305 days later he finally saw my message to him on Instagram & apologised for not being able to reply earlier. He wanted to know if all that I had written to him almost a year ago ended up happening or not.

 He asked, “Do you still continue to dream & think about doing something about them? Did you go to Uttarakhand & then to Ladakh?” After a pause he said to me, “This seems like a potential for a great story about what would have happened in your life in all those months.”

While reading his messages I smiled to myself because I was able to sense an eagerness in him to get answers for those questions which reminded me of my eagerness from a year back while I wrote him that message. I shared with him my story of how after graduation I started traveling solo with the little money I had saved & once that got over how I started travelling by volunteering at hostels in order to finance my stay & food during my travels. I shared with him how sometimes I would do really odd freelance work as well to earn some & then travel some more.

Its been 8 months and counting now…

I haven’t stopped travelling!

And not given up hope on my dream to travel!




Unemployed Traveller – I chose life over a living!




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